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We create solutions tailored to your needs - puffery not included. At Alliance AI, we are focused on creating results-driven products that work for you and your clients, and continue working.  Whether you are a small business owner or a global conglomerate, we have helped others like you accelerate their growth and we would be happy to be your ally too!

How Can Alliance AI Help?

Some of the Problems We Have Solved / Can Solve

No business faces the exact same challenges as another business, which is why Alliance AI is committed to learning as much as possible about your particular needs and custom-building a solution. While we are open to working with you on whatever problems you encounter, here are some success stories from past and current clients:

  • Article Recommendation System for Major News Corporation

  • Concussion Prognosis Early-Warning System for Ivy-League Medical College

  • Stock Daily and Quarterly Forecasting for Hedge Funds

  • Solar Radiation / Energy Yield Forecasting for Major Energy Corporation

Examples of solutions we can help you with:

  • Time Series Forecasting - weather, financial trends, supply/demand, social trends

  • Optimization - scheduling, inventory, room rate

  • Computer Vision - scene & object classification, facial recognition, image synthesis

  • Recommendation Systems - media, products, friends/followers

  • Natural Language Processing - text generation, virtual assistants

  • Detection - disease, malware, suspicious activity, rare events

  • Information Retrieval - web crawling, browser automation, linked data, OSINT

  • Data Cleaning - standardization/normalization, augmentation, junk removal

We offer end-to-end solutions: From the initial data assessment to integration into your production environment, to post-production, we will collaborate with your team to take care of your needs.

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